When you’re considering doing business with a company or shopping at a store, how important are first impressions? How do you feel when you approach a business and find it to be dirty and ill-maintained? You might assume the business proprietors don’t pay attention to detail. You might assume they don’t necessarily care what their customers think, or that they do shoddy work. Is that the type of business you want to frequent? Probably not.

First Impressions

As a business owner, do not underestimate the importance of making a great first impression on potential customers. Buddy’s Pressure Washing will quickly and affordably refresh your building’s exterior and leave it sparkly clean. We’re a commercial cleaning business specializing in cleaning Davenport-area storefronts.

Soft-Washing Technique

Some pressure-washing services use extremely high-pressure techniques, our low-pressure soft-wash process will not damage your building or jeopardize your exterior paint job. Our gentle yet thorough approach removes dirt, grime, cobwebs, insects, rust stains, mildew, and debris. This cleaning technique instantly improves the curb appeal! We will keep debris from building up and save you money in the long run.


Our soft-wash technique is ideal for your building’s exterior, as well as your parking lot, sidewalk, pavers, dumpster pad, roof, exterior signage, etc. Contact us today! Soft pressure washing is a proactive, preventive maintenance service that will transform the appearance of your building’s exterior and prevent future damage. It’s a small investment that yields huge dividends!