With the Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve to one side and easy access to Davenport on the other, Thonotosassa is a community where natural beauty and central convenience join forces. Buddy’s Pressure Washing is your expert source for pressure washing services that invest in your home - so your piece of this special town always looks its best. 

Thonotosassa Pressure Washing Made Simple

We believe that property maintenance should be straightforward: it should make your home look beautiful and invest in its long-term quality. We help you achieve these goals every time we come to your property. Tapping into the best exterior cleaning technology and cleaning products, our Thonotosassa pressure washing services brings out the best with results you can count on. Turn to us for:

  • Pressure Washing
    Our pressure washing system removes months of stains and buildup from all your hardscapes. Using this technology, we can restore the “like new” appearance of your driveway, pool patio, retaining wall, and more.
  • Paver Cleaning
    Your property’s pavers should lift your exterior up. With our pressure washing service, every Thonotosassa property shines for the right reasons. We extract dirt and grime from your pavers to make them look professional and well-maintained.
  • Roof Washing
    With our soft washing service, your roof will get a whole new lease on life. Our solution is designed to kill the buildup that creates black streaks - and the result is better for your property’s curb appeal and its long term quality.
  • House Washing
    With our soft washing service, your Thonotosassa property will look beautiful from every angle. This service is an essential way to ensure the best results and do is safely and effectively. 
  • Concrete Cleaning
    Your sidewalks, patios, entryways, pool decks, parking lots, and driveways will be safe, welcoming, and long-lasting with our Thonotosassa pressure washing service. It’s a way to maximize every part of your exterior.

Make Curb Appeal Count

We strive to be the best. This means that we deliver the best in customer service, the best in convenience, and the best in quality. With Buddy’s Pressure Washing, exterior cleaning for your Thonotosassa property has never been simpler. And it’s never been more impactful.

EXTERIOR HOUSE WASHING A power washer is a heavy piece of machinery that delivers a powerful stream of hot water through a steady flow. The temperature of the water determines whether or not you are power washing or pressure washing. Buddy's Pressure Washing is an expert power washing company that provides house washing services for the exterior of homes. We can help you get rid of any dirt, mildew or mold that might be affecting the exterior appearance of your house. Power Washing involves using hot water at a steady flow to rid your home of dirt, mold and other particles. It is the temperatures of the water that determines whether or not your home will be cleaned by power washing. Our technicians have the proper training with this heavy equipment to safely clean the exterior of your house by using our high-tech power washing services. The exterior of your house takes a beating from the sun, rain, wind and hail. It doesn’t take long for your house to start to look dirty, grimy or even moldy. A professional house washing service can completely changes the exterior appearance of your house. Our professionals have the skills to power wash all types of surfaces. While we recommend soft washing your house to avoid damages, other areas of your house require a heavy wash from a power washing system. Areas such as a walkway, a driveway, a patio, a deck or a fence can benefit from our power washing service. Our professionals have the skills to safely handle heavy machinery such as a complex power washing system. When you take advantage of our house wash and exterior cleaning services, your house will be the highlight of the neighborhood.