Curb appeal is a defining characteristic of your property. It steals the show in your neighborhood!

… Except for those rust stains.

Know Your Rust Stain Enemy

Rust has a way of bringing your property down. Big time. But without the tools or expertise, it can feel like a party guest that’s overstayed its welcome.

Buddy’s Pressure Washing can be trusted to come to the rescue. We deliver a rust removal solution that eliminates ugly eyesores from all your hardscapes. But in order to prevent future rust stain damage, it’s important to know what you’re up against.

Rust typically happens when iron interacts with moisture. But there are other issues to contend with, too. Our team works with stains from:

  • Irrigation systems
    Some water can have a high iron concentrate. When water from your irrigation system extends to your hardscapes, the result is a thin swath of rust stains.
  • Fertilizer
    The same phenomenon happens with fertilizer. When fertilizer pellets aren’t removed or absorbed, they wreak havoc on your concrete surfaces if they interact with water.
  • Metal furniture
    Your lawn furniture, signage, and other surfaces are a hotspot for rust damage, thanks to their high iron concentrate.
  • Battery acid
    Golf carts, vehicles, and any other machinery that utilizes a battery can contribute to these stains. They look a lot like rust but need a unique removal approach.

With our professional rust stain removal service, your eyesore isn’t an insurmountable issue. It’s a resolution in the making. And you can count on our team to deliver the quality that goes easy on the eye and lasts for the long run.

Rust is a hassle. But we make your rust removal solution a simple one. With our team by your side, curb appeal is yours – completely!