It shades you from the sun and shields you from the rain. It keeps the place that you can home safe and sheltered.

A roof provides a bevy of benefits to your property. But a clean roof amplifies the impact. Explore how roof cleaning can support you and your home.

The Perks of a Clean Roof

With a roof cleaning solution, your shingles – whether they’re asphalt or tile or something else – get the maintenance they need for a lifetime of success. Our soft washing service will:

  • Remove black streaks. Black streaks are caused by a type of cyanobacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. It actually eats your shingles, and as it eats, it grows into those long, striped mass you might see on your roof.
  • … And replace it with curb appeal. With roof cleaning, your home’s very top layer will help to raise up the rest of your property’s first impression. The best part: The curb appeal sticks around long after we leave with our pressure washing equipment!
  • Help your roof last longer. Roofing manufacturing companies estimate that regular roof cleaning can help your shingles last for ten years or longer than they would without it.
  • … And prevent those expensive repairs. Roof repairs or replacements can set you back with 5-digit bills. We keep those issues at bay.
  • Keep your insurance company satisfied. Many homeowner’s insurance policies mandate that you need to regularly clean your roof in order to remain compliant. By doing so, you’ll avoid fines or even a policy cancellation.

Roof cleaning shouldn’t be complicated. With the soft washing team from Buddy’s Pressure Washing, every inch of your roof will be ready to stand out for the long haul!