Roof Cleaning DavenportBlack streaks on your roofing definitely don’t shout “curb appeal!” from the rooftops. But it can also pose a threat to the value of your property. Get the scoop – and the solution – from the professionals who know it best.

Know the risk of black streaks

Florida has a lot of suns, a lot of heat, and, often, a lot of humidity. This creates the perfect melting pot for a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma to thrive.

It’s important to remember that gloeocapsa magma isn’t a stain. It’s a living, breathing organism.

And it feeds on your roof.

Homeowners can take a collective gasp of horror when they consider this – and for good reason! These black streaks:

  • Eat the particles that make up your shingles. As they eat more, the black stain spreads with it
  • Destroy roofing quality. Think about a piece of decking that starts to rot away. The same concept applies to your shingles at the hands of black streaks.
  • Compromise your insurance policy. Most homeowner insurance policies include a stipulation that you must get regular roof cleaning. With black streaks, you can face a fine or policy cancellation.

Roof cleaning: A solution to black streaks

We’ve given you the bad and the ugly – now it’s time for the good news.

Black streaks are completely preventable. With regular roof cleaning from licensed professionals, you protect your investment and your property’s first impression.

Our soft washing service is safe for all kinds of roofing. It will:

  • Remove stains and streaks
  • Safeguard the longevity of your shingles
  • Help your roofing function energy efficiently as it should
  • Create beautiful curb appeal

Don’t let black streaks get the upper hand. Get a solution from Buddy’s instead!