Compared to most of the country, Davenport has a pretty mild winter season. The cooler temperatures, however, usually mean that people spend more time indoors. That often means that you don’t very close attention to your home’s exterior.

As spring approaches, hire a professional house washing company that can remove pollution, dirt, and other debris from your house’s exterior. You’ll help protect your property and improve its curb appeal.

House Washing Removes Unsightly Dirt, Pollution, and Mildew

Without regular washing, your home’s roof, exterior walls, windows, patios, and fences can accumulate unsightly dirt and pollution. Unfortunately, the rain doesn’t wash the dirt off of your home. Instead, it leaves behind pollutants as the water evaporates.

Davenport’s relatively warm winters also make it possible for mildew, mold, and other fungi to grow in shaded areas. It only takes a few weeks for mildew to grow on your fence, deck, and patio.

House washing from Buddy’s Pressure Washing removes dirt, pollution, and mildew so your house will look its best. Regular cleaning will also prevent stains and other damage from affecting your property value.

Buddy’s Pressure Washing Takes a Safe Approach to Wash Your Davenport Home

Buddy’s Pressure Washing uses the latest equipment and eco-friendly detergents to wash your house safely. Our team of professionals chooses soft washing for sensitive parts of your home. We use a steady stream of low-pressure water on windows and vinyl siding. When we face tough jobs on concrete, brick, and other durable materials, though, we may use higher pressure to clean the surfaces.

Our teams use biodegradable cleansers to loosen tough grime and mold. We treat your home as well as we treat ours. We wouldn’t want someone to use harsh detergents that could harm our property, pets, and children, so we don’t use dangerous chemicals when cleaning your home.

Schedule a House Washing Appointment With Buddy’s Pressure Washing

Buddy’s Pressure Washing is a fully insured small business that serves the entire Davenport area. We guarantee that our house washing services will help your home recover from the winter season.

Get a Free Estimate to discover how affordable our house washing services are. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our secure website. We’ll respond as soon as possible to help you make an informed decision about house washing and our other services.