Buddys Pressure WashingWe all know the drill. The weather warms up, the forecast has a lot of sunshine icons in it, and we all head towards the nearest body of water.

If you’re lucky, that body of water is in your own backyard. A pool provides the perfect place to beat the heat, after all – and it’s the best if it’s just a few steps away.

Protect Your Pool – And Your Swimmers!

Pool ownership comes with its own set of responsibilities. And pool deck cleaning and pool enclosure cleaning should be a pivotal part of your annual maintenance plan.

Slip and fall accidents are the most common reason that people take a seat in the emergency room every year. These accidents can be painful, costly, and inconvenient. And they’re also largely preventable. Consider the facts:

  • Falls cost an estimated $30 billion annually in the USA alone

  • 8 million people check into the emergency room annually due to slip and fall accidents

  • The majority of falls occur at the same level (ex. a pool deck) rather than from a higher elevation (ex. a ladder)

Slip and Fall Prevention

With regular pool deck and enclosure maintenance, you can safeguard your home from the buildup that contributes to these accidents. Our comprehensive service delivers a professional solution that will:

  • Strip away slick and slippery buildup

  • Remove stains and other imperfections

  • Eliminate the elements that contribute to slip and fall accidents


We care about your home – and the safety of your property. Get a complete pool deck cleaning and pool enclosure cleaning solution with the team from Buddy’s Pressure Washing!