First impressions matter and what your business looks like from the outside will have an impact on how clients think of you. Unfortunately, buildings don’t stay pristine forever. Grime, smoke, dust, and mildew can all wreak havoc on the appearance of your business. The best way to eliminate this problem and present your clients with a fresh, clean appearance is to opt for regular pressure washing.

Winter is particularly harsh on building exteriors, so part of your spring cleaning should be cleaning up the outside of your place of business. Pressure washing can be the perfect way to quickly eliminate the months of dirt and muck that has built up. It’s faster than scrubbing or repainting and can even get the mud and grit from between bricks or stone.

Pressure washing can be used to clean up just about every surface on the exterior of your business. These include:

Sidewalks and Paths: Spring is a time for moss and plants to spring up in cracks and between paving stones. You may also notice stains that have developed over the winter months. Power washing can help get rid of unsightly marks and dislodge moss, leaving your walkways clean and inviting.

Roofs: Your roof is often visible long before the rest of the building and that means you want it to be neat and looking good. Get rid of stains and moss or algae that may have grown over the winter with gentle power washing. Keep in mind that if you have shingles, you want the pressure to be high enough to clean them, but low enough to prevent damage.

Siding/Exterior Walls: Exterior walls tend to get very dirty and run down looking over the winter months. To avoid giving your clients a bad impression, you should clean the exterior of the building at least once a year. Spring is the perfect time to give your building a makeover!

Pressure washing can be the fastest, most effective way to do your exterior spring cleaning. Make sure your business looks great and give the best first impression by hiring a commercial pressure washing company to handle your outside cleaning this year.