Everyday life combined with the Florida weather can do a number on your residence. Maintaining your home’s exterior can be difficult unless you consult a professional cleaning company such as Buddy’s Pressure Wash. Located in Kissimmee, Florida, Buddy’s offers many essential services, including paver restoration. If your patio, driveway, or walkway pavers are showing wear and tear, Buddy’s can help.

Buddy’s Restoration Benefits

It’s easy for your pavers to become coated with oil, food, tree droppings, and general grime, substances that are difficult to remove. Buddy’s professional team thoroughly cleans your pavers using a safe and effective process. Once the cleaning is complete, Buddy’s technicians can seal your pavers to protect them and keep them looking great for years to come. The benefits of paver sealing include:

  • Protects from grime and allows you to easily remove debris and other unsightly substances.
  • Locks out efflorescence – the white substance that can ooze out of a paver.
  • Locks in the joint sand, preventing it from seeping into your pool, yard, and other outdoor areas. It also helps to keep the pavers fixed into place.
  • Prevents new pavers from fading and brings back color to the older ones.
  • Minimizes tire tracks.

Take Action

Now is the perfect time to have your pavers cleaned and restored. Contact Buddy’s today by calling (813)441-4690 or by filling out their online form. You’ll get expert advice and a free service estimate. Maintaining your pavers is essential to retaining your home’s value. Let Buddy’s take care of the job for you.