Keep the Mold Away with Paver Sealing

By ambservices / October 2, 2020

Keep the Mold Away with Paver Sealing After a season of sunshine, rain is starting to creep back into the forecast. And while you can reach for an umbrella when the forecast looks nasty, your property can’t do the same. That’s where paver sealing comes into play. You can almost think of this service as…

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Buddy’s Paver Restoration

By ambservices / September 8, 2020

Everyday life combined with the Florida weather can do a number on your residence. Maintaining your home’s exterior can be difficult unless you consult a professional cleaning company such as Buddy’s Pressure Wash. Located in Kissimmee, Florida, Buddy’s offers many essential services, including paver restoration. If your patio, driveway, or walkway pavers are showing wear…

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The 3 Golden Rules of Paver Sealing

By ambservices / September 4, 2020

 Pavers should be a focal point of your property. They’re a decorative highlight, sure – but they need to look great and serve their functional purpose at the same time. So that’s why paver sealing is such an important part of your property maintenance checklist. When done properly, it locks in the quality and the…

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Our Paver Cleaning Process

By ambservices / June 22, 2020

Your pavers are more than a functional surface – they should bolster curb appeal, too! Our paver cleaning solution addresses both of these goals, so you can get the best from every hardscape. Understanding Paver Eyesores When a surface is exposed to the outdoors day in and day out, it faces unique challenges. And when…

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Buddy’s Residential Paver Sealing

By ambservices / April 1, 2020

Pavers add a touch of sophistication and class to any home. Neglected pavers decrease your curb appeal and lower your residential property’s value. Proper maintenance ensures that your pavers retain their aesthetic appeal and durability for decades. Apart from cleaning, pavers should be sealed to protect them from the elements and any spillages that may…

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