Keep the Mold Away with Paver Sealing

After a season of sunshine, rain is starting to creep back into the forecast. And while you can reach for an umbrella when the forecast looks nasty, your property can’t do the same.

That’s where paver sealing comes into play. You can almost think of this service as a long-term “umbrella” for your exterior – it keeps your hardscapes protected from the elements, even when the weather is working against you.

We Fight Back Against Green

Warm, temperate weather and some humidity to match: these are the ingredients in which mold can thrive. Your pavers are particularly vulnerable to mold issues. And the result isn’t just ugly; it also takes a toll on the long-term quality of your hardscapes.

That’s why we take paver sealing seriously. Our team delivers a protective, preventative service that:

  • Retains the qualities you love about your pavers. Sealant protects the coloration and structural integrity of your pavers, so they look as they did when you first installed them.
  • Blocks the qualities that bring your pavers down. When we apply sealant, it keeps the elements that hurt your pavers – mold growth, stains, water damage – from taking hold.
  • Ensures long-term quality you can count on. Our sealing service provides lasting benefits for your pavers. Because we know you weren’t itching to invest in a premature paver replacement project!

The rainy season can take its toll on your property. Paver sealing isn’t just a way to protect your exterior – it also offers a way to restore it. Keep the mold far away – and let our team help!