Orlando Paver CleaningYour pavers are more than a functional surface – they should bolster curb appeal, too! Our paver cleaning solution addresses both of these goals, so you can get the best from every hardscape.

Understanding Paver Eyesores

When a surface is exposed to the outdoors day in and day out, it faces unique challenges. And when that surface is also a high-traffic area? It ups the ante.

We work with areas that have been impacted by stains and buildup of virtually every variety. Some of the most common eyesores that we erase are:

  • Tire tracks and vehicle leaks
  • Dirt and other relics of ‘mother nature’
  • Chewing gum
  • Cleaning chemicals and spills

Professional Paver Cleaning

Our goal is to restore your pavers to their original condition in a way that is a) effective, b) long-lasting, and c) safe for you and your property.

And that’s why we pull in our professional pressure washing process. This service delivers immediate results and enduing curb appeal. It includes:

  • Environmentally responsible cleaning products
  • A carefully measured pressure that won’t hurt your pavers
  • A final sealing solution for added protection

Don’t let your exterior surfaces fall short. With a professional paver cleaning and sealing solution from Buddy’s Pressure Washing, you get quality that you can count on to last. But you also get cur appeal that will make your property shine!